About us

We are established in Huelva since 1880

The company is dedicated to offering solutions to P&I clubs, a quality service with long experience in this sector

The Port Services Agency FERNANDO SUÁREZ was founded by Fernando Suárez in 1880 in Huelva Capital, and was renamed SON (HIJO) OF FERNANDO SUÁREZ when his direct descendant, Juan Suárez, took the reins of the company in 1927.

The company was initially dedicated to assist to steam lines to England, France, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, North America and South America.


It should be noted that in the beginning the company was agent of Royal Mail Lines LTD London, MacAndrews & Co, Pacific Steamship Navigation Co, Holland America Line, among many other important companies.

HIJO de FERNANDO SUÁREZ also engaged in all types of customs, charters, imports, exports, transits, insurance, etc. The company had the title of Norway Vice Consulate until the year 1970.

Currently, the company is managed by José Fernández, Juan Suárez’s great-grandson, and is dedicated to offering solutions to P&I clubs,  a quality service with long experience in this sector.

Huelva port in the early 20th century

Our values

We live in Huelva. We work at Huelva Port.

Updated port info

We continuously offer updated Port info to the members. We are directly in contact with Port Authorities, Customs, Terminals, Private companies etc. and we know what the members need

Immediately action 24h/365 days

As soon as we are notify about one incident, we immediately assist to the member without delay, due it`s not necessary to come from another city. Port community is duly informed about our services.

We offer complete solutions

Our team covers all necessary works involved with Port operations, from lawyer assistance, Laboratory reports, Port Authorities issues, Harbour Master meetings, Terminal and Private companies dealings, etc

Long experience, quality service

Our professional surveyors have long experience with the cargoes managed at our Port. We can offer best solutions for each operation, and assist to the members in the best way.